GL-AR750S miniDLNA

I’ve been troubleshooting with some success but alas I’ve hit another brick wall.I have luci-app-minidlna, luci-i18n-minidlna-en, and minidlna installed and I’m running 3.022 firmware from the release notes page. After many days tinkering I managed to get my usb hdd to finally mount and a media server to run using the following settings…

media directory: /mnt
database directory: /var/cache/minidlna
log directory: /var/log

These are the basic settings that minidlna comes preconfigured with. I tried to no avail to get it to run using /mnt/sda1/extension which would just leave me with a no server to be found.

My problem now is that the server doesn’t want to update it’s cache whereas before the cache had to persistence after a restart. Any advice would be greatly accepted. While I’m sure i could factory reset the box then reinstall the three programs I just don’t want to wait a hour and a half to find out the cache still didn’t update.

How about just remove the cache folder?