GL-AR750S - openvpn and port forwarding on remote host

Hi together.

I’m fighting since two days to solve simple problem and have no more ideas. Maybe someone of you can help…

AR750S in repeater mode with OpenVPN active to my Synology OpenVPN Server.
Everything works great - the clients get the IP’s form Synology, tunnel works, internet works.
The only think that does not work is my port forwarding on the remote host.
I have an public IP / domain:
on myhome dot com I have port forwarding set for openVPN (to Synology). This works when connecting.
on myhome dot com I have also another services where I have active port forwarding. let say ssh on port 4567.

The problem is: if OpenVPN connection on AR750S is established I can not access ANY service on myhome dot com. If disconnected - I can access all services.

NOTE: I have tried my OpenVPN client config also on iOS and Mac (Tunnelblick). There everything is working as expected: if OpenVPN connected, I can access my forwarded ports going by domain name and port (myhome dot com:4567).
Based on this, I assume the problem is related with the AR750S.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

As workaround to access my services I have to go directly to the LAN Target IP…

Thanks for any hints

I made little progress. I’ve added following FW rule:
Any traffic
From any host in lan
To IP 178.83.233.xx in wan
Accept forward

now the question is: is there a way to enter domain name insted of fixed ip? the reason is, my openVPN server is on dynamicIP.
or - is there any variable to get the openVPN host ip address to be used within firewall rules?

You can use ipset and dnsmasq-full to implement dynamic IP handle.
For concrete implementation, you can try Google