GL-AR750S OpenVPN Problem surf own DynDomain

Good Morning,
i am new using a GL-AR750S. Everything is ready configured and
is running without problems.

But there is one Problem.

My System:

Master Network using Domains
Fritz!Box (port forwarding rules enabled for Synology)
Synology (Network using DNS or
no specialized DNS in my Network

Synology OpenVPN installed and configured
OpenVPN Using …

Router Modus actualy connected via WLAN (also testet via cable and at other internet)

OpenVPN installed and configured
Open VPN enabled and connects to OpenVPN Server at Synology
(so says the log an Syno and at GL-AR750S)

No my Problem:
I am surfing in the www without problems.
Also i can connect to intern IP Adresses - no Problem

But when i want to visit my Syno not via intern IP rather via
the dyndns Domain or SubDomain from my MasterDomain
i can not reach. “Site ist not reachable”.

Attached i will give you log from GL-Inet750S for VPN!

Without OpenVPN there is noch Problem.

More Information:
I tested the OPENVPN config File with OpenVPN software
at WIN10 Tablett and it works without problems. Also the
surfing to my synology by using the dyndns Domain.

Has somebody an Idea where my problem is?


Can you provide a topology diagram of the network connection?

now it works.

i had to insert my ddns domain in VPN Policies. After that it runs…

I am very glad to hear this news, thank you for sharing.