GL-AR750S OpenWRT build doesn't install

I’ve built from 18.06 with the patches on github, and I’ve built the gl-inet version of openwrt from github. Neither of them produces a tar file. The sysupgrade.bin file doesn’t verify. Are these expected to work?

Firmware Verification
MD5 c6aa4e920052d2ad42ba0a9200e9f380
Verification Result

You can only flash the official GL firmwares from the GL download links, or an image built using the imagebuilder from here: GitHub - gl-inet/imagebuilder: Warning!Please look at 'GL.iNET Imagebuilder Introduction' section. using the GL UI.

For any other firmwares, either the GL sources or just raw OpenWrt, you must flash those via Luci.

Actually if you build a custom image from openwrt and it is .bin file, you can only flash via uboot.

You cannot even flash via luci.

The .bin file is only for Nor flash. You need to build the firmware for nand flash. There should be such option if you use our patches.

u-boot seems to be broken on the AR-750S: it sends ARP requests but doesn’t answer them, so there is no way to actually connect to the web browser.

If you are using Linux then change to windows and try again

I don’t have Windows. I’m using Mac, but Linux also fails.

It looks like u-boot is using 802.1q framing with a vlan of 1, but it’s not really working. If I configure my Mac or Linux machine to use vlan 1, it still doesn’t solve the problem.

After doing some more reading of a previous thread I realized that I didn’t need to use u-boot, so I have been able to install a patched openwrt 18.06. Thanks for your help on this!

It would be good to figure out what’s going on with u-boot, though. As it stands, if I don’t have Windows (and I literally do not have Windows, I’m not exaggerating), there is no way to de-brick the device if I brick it.

Just use windows if your uboot does not work with Linux or Mac.

The bug is fixed but you just got an earlier version.

I literally do not have Windows. That is not a solution. Is there a way to update uboot?

I was in the same situation, with no Windows available. It is conceivable that one could, somehow, flash a new boot loader over serial, but that is too risky, even for me.

In the end, I used a friend’s Windows machine (and brought an Ethernet cable and an USB Ethernet adapter and drivers, just in case). The process, from walking up to thanking them, took under 15 minutes, being very careful with each step.

There are free windows vm’s downloadable directly from microsoft that expire after some time you can use next time :wink:

Yup, and for clarification (some of the other participants in this thread may not have realized this):

Once you update uboot once to a newer version, the Windows dependency is gone from then on.