GL-AR750S Port forwarding + VPN not working

it says your code doesn’t exist

this this one: glinetagain

hi again, I want to ask about torguard, I don’t know why I can’t connect to vpn by wireguard client & openvpn client, both are yellow light on the side when I try to connect and nothing happen. also want to ask when you are making a port forward request, need to write ip of device or ip ov vpn?

don’t understand why wireguard not connecting, bc I done right and try all servers which are available there, not connecting at all

You better open a tocket with torguard at this stage they might be better to help you.

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[quote=“Jeff24680, post:13, topic:18538”]
inet plugged into my home router. The Wire guard is connected with a dedicated IP. I have port 44158 forwarded on TorGuards website for both TCP and UDP.
[/quote]Did you get this working for helium? Was your problem with using UDP? I would like to know how you configured to make it finally work.