GL-AR750S Port forwarding + VPN not working

Hi dears, I might be doing something wrong so asking for the specialists help: I have my GL-AR750S working as a replicator of my main Router.
So in my GL-AR750S I have installed a VPN with dedicated IP (I paid extra to have a dedicated IP address) using wireguard. So far so good. So all devices connected to the GL-AR750S are now on the VPN.
However, I need to open a specific UDP port 44158 for one device connected to the GL-AR750S so I went to the GL-AR750S dashboard → Firewall → and added the device there as follows:
Name: Device1
Protocol: UDP
External Zone: WireGuard
External port: 44158
Internal Zone: Lan
Internal IP address: 192.168.8.X (IP of Device1)
Internal Port: 44158

However when I do that and test it with for example, it says por 44158 is closed.
I tried to open the port in the VPN website (torguard) as well but still not working.
Any clues what am I doing wrong?

When you connect your wireguard client on the router, there is an option “allow access to local network”. Pls make sure that option is ticked.

Thanks buddy. I have just tried that but unfortunately port UDP 44158 still closed :frowning:

First, can you confirm that port 44158 is opened on Device1’s WAN?

Then can you enable both udp and tcp in the port forwarding? If still not, pls let me know.

BTW, pls try 3.211 beta2

Thanks again so here is all I just did:
1- Installed new firmware (no keep previous stuff so new installation)
2- Installed the wireguard again in the Glinet
3- Port forwarded again now using TCP/UDP option.

The “Device1” Is a Helium hotspot that is always “listening” on 44158. I have other hotspots and when conecting directly without vpn I never had an issue opening port 44158, this is the first time this is happening.

Worth to mention that I am paying for a dedicated IP address and the pack is all from TorGuard vpn. Any other ideas? Port 44158 still closed :frowning:

Just to add, seems I was able to open the TCP port 44158 however I was not able to open UDP port. Maybe this is related to the wireguard setup on my vpn side?

I think the problem (udp or tcp) is not related to wireguard as it is just a tunnel.

If you Helium use tcp (or udp) you need to port forward tcp (or udp). Can you confirm it works or not?

In this guide How to: mining Helium over a cellular connection ✨ UPDATED ✨ | by Oliver Switzer | Oct, 2021 | Medium

the port forword is on tcp.

I have a read on this, it is a bit different in my case because I am not using a mobile, so I am using my own internet, my own router with one public IP and the Glinet with another public IP that I bought from the vpn server.
For some reason after doing all we discussed above it worked. I guess opening both TCP/UDP at the same time worked (or it was something else we did but it worked!).
Now it shows as port opened somehow. Crazy. Cheers.

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Here’s some snaps of my configuration, which is not working.

If the gl router is behind another router, try portforwarding whatever ports the vpn uses from main router to gl router.

Hi guys, ihave same issue as @rafrox and exactly same situation.
Can you share what have you done to fix it.

But he has solved his issue by using exact the solution marked in this thread: open both tcp and udp ports