Gl-ar750s power on via ssh

Hi all.
I have a gli.inet gl-ar750s
I’d like to perform a power-off and a power-on without plugging-out and in the usb cable.
I can power-off the router via ssh, but after that, how can I reboot the router?

You can use a bluetooth smart plug to power cycle (power on) the USB adapter through a smartphone app.

do you know a programmable bluetooth smart plug working with some api?

There are bluetooth smart plugs that can be purchased from Amazon, AliExpress, etc. which you can find by Google for “bluetooth smart plug”. They can be controlled from a smartphone app, but not through an API.

I used to have a wifi access point that would freeze randomly sometimes and I would reboot it with a smart plug, instead of going to another room to unplug/plug in the power adapter behind a cabinet. Eventually, I replaced the wifi access point with a unit that does not freeze at all.


there is a post in the forum, about not being able to power off various gl-inet devices.
that the chipsets lack support that.

and once powered off, would need WOL - wake on lan support.
and might need a device on the remote side could send out the WOL packets to the ar750s

with my ar-750s,
if over ssh and i run halt
the power usage stays the same

now, that smart plug idea should work.
unless the smart plug is using the wifi of the router.