GL-AR750S Release Date

I’m planning on buying a new travel router to replace my mt300a as the wireless driver is very buggy and unstable/unusable for streaming media across the WLAN: FS#896 - mt7620 - dropping frames (WiFi) · Issue #7408 · openwrt/openwrt · GitHub

When will the GL-AR750S-Ext be released?
Or should I consider another manufacturer for my next travel router?

Did you try new openwrt releases, like or better ?
I have various MT7620-based devices for commercial hotspots installed at customer sites, and no problem.

Yes I’m using GL.inet’s latest build running under LEDE 17.01.4. Your devices are probably using a different driver.

I meant “official openwrt images” for my/your device, which use the open driver, of course.
MT300A should be officially supported by openwrt. Flash it, to give it a try.
In past I had probs with MT7620A-devices, too.

What driver package are your devices using? Can you run:

(lsmod & opkg list-installed) | grep mt7

Hi, we allow people to pre-order GL-AR750S-Ext now. Please check here We have early bird deal available now.

I snagged the super earlybird offer yesterday. The $17 shipping to the US almost killed the deal but I finally caved in an hit “purchase”.

Looking forward to playing with it!!!

I have only customized openwrt on the MT7620A-based devices, without opkg. So
root@LEDE:~# lsmod | grep mt7
cfg80211 233784 5 rt2x00lib,mt76x2e,mt7603e,mt76,mac80211
mac80211 414818 7 rt2800lib,rt2x00soc,rt2x00pci,rt2x00lib,mt76x2e,mt7603e,mt76
mt76 16271 2 mt76x2e,mt7603e
mt7603e 29312 0
mt76x2e 40760 0

This is running new

Yeah lostdog, me too. Disappointed to see only a $17 shipping method available after entering payment details, but my excitement for trying the new coolness overrode my distaste of the shipping cost. :slight_smile: There was also some mention of additional cost for import duties, not sure if that applies to US purchases or not.

Fingers crossed that the super early bird ships soon. I’ve got a vacation coming up near the end of the month, and that would be the perfect environment to test it out. I’ll be sad if I barely miss it.


:stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think you will get it. Even if it does ship before you leave, remember it is coming from china, so at least 1 week shipping if it’s not DHL, then its still 2 or 3 days.

Was surprised that even though I signed up for notification using their Facebook post on the AR750S “beta” , never got notification of the preorder was avalible… Good thing I watched for it… As an aside on shipping… I ordered two of the GL MT 300as awhile ago and they got stuck in US Customs … supposedly mine wasn’t the only order… Al Zhao was really good about it… fortunately it decided to go through…

Planning to ship in July 31. Thanks for your attention

Does the new device have OpenWRT build support? I use these devices for prototyping, so I need to be able to build my own OpenWRT firmware.

I’m seeing other routers with this chipset support MU-MIMO, but I don’t see it mentioned in the specs?

@antikythera Yeah! It is available in GitHub - gl-inet/openwrt: This repository is fork from openwrt official repo, we will update the latest tag and release GL.iNet firmware based on it..

Thanks! Will you be upstreaming it to the official LEDE/OpenWRT Repo?

We have submitted it to official openwrt repo, which is available in master branch. But it only nor flash version.