GL-AR750S Slow with 5ghz wifi

Does anyone know why I am experiencing slow WIFI with the 5G band on the GL-AR750S?

The Xfinity modem/wireless router I’m using is so much faster than the GL.iNet router. I have tried both Google speed test and and getting close to the same results on both.

Xfinity Direct Ethernet downloads at 300+Mbps. 5ghz wifi downloads at 240Mbps.

On the GL-AR750S ethernet direct download is about 250Mbps. 5ghz is about 20-100Mbps

I have turned off the wifi on the Xfinity router thinking that maybe it’s interfering with the GL.iNet router. No change in speed. Still only 20-100Mbps.

Any ideas of why this device is so slow?

How about 2.4G wifi? 20-100Mbps seems a typical speed on 2.4G wifi, not 5G.

Can you check again?

Maybe you can give your 5G config for check.

Just tested 2.4g with 5G off and downloaded at 20Mbps.

Then tested 5g with 2.4 off and downloaded at 105Mbps.

A far cry from the 327Mbps the Xfinity router is able to download on 5Ghz.

I think I may return this device if I can’t figure it out because if it’s this slow now I can’t imagine how slow it will be once I Start using a VPN.

Thanks for any insight y’all might have.

I suggest you change 5G WiFi channel and have another try.

When using vpn you will have slow speed anyway.

Tried other channels and it only sped it up to 127Mbps