GL-AR750S: tried > 128GB SD card?


I just wanted to see if anyone had tried larger than a 128GB SD card with the Slate and what the results were. The docs say only up to 128GB is supported, but you never know.


I tried a Samsung Evo 256Gb and yes it worked.


I have used my 1 TB micro SD card works perfectly good luck.

Anybody from GL-iNet has tested 1Tb SD card on AR750S and AR750 routers succesfully?

Yes I use my 1tb SanDisk SD card with my ar750s works great

Thanks ! It’s a good thing to know !

I noticed you stated SanDisk SD card.

does that mean an SD card in an SD cardreader in the usb port or a 1terabyte micro sd card in mmc/sdcard slot of the router.

Question to gli-techs. if you only state the mmc slot is only compatible up to 128gb, is this a physical limitation of the software and/or hardware, or just never been tested. thanks.

Yes it works n both an ad card reader and inside of the routers sd card slot