GL-AR750S Upgrade issue


Just updated my router to 3.003 testing version by selecting Upgrade / Local Upgrade in the interface. At first I got error message but once I disconnected wireguard and rebooted it installed.

However, all my installed plugins are wiped and also some script I had in root home directory.

Is this really how its supposed to work?


If you upgrade, you only have your configuration but not installed plugins.

To keep everything, as to here OpenWrt OS upgrade procedure (LuCI or sysupgrade) [Old OpenWrt Wiki]

You can add your files to the following list

  • files listed within the text files in /lib/upgrade/keep.d/ (for example, /lib/upgrade/keep.d/base-file-essential)
  • files listed in /etc/sysupgrade.conf

@alzhao In the page you linked lower down is the procedure how to do it in Luci, so no need for the user to touch any files in SSH, just add the files to the keep list in Luci :slight_smile:

Do I understand correctly that I can preserve config files and scripts by adding them in luci but it is necessary to reinstall the plugins manually?


If you build your own firmware image using the imagebuilder, you can add any packages you want to your custom firmware image, and they will already be installed when you flash the firmware.

That combined with saving the config files in Luci will do all you want :slight_smile:

I added /root/ to luci configuration but the contents still get wiped on upgrade?


You can’t just add the folder, you need to add each individual file, like so:


ok, but from below comments I would have expected directory contents to be preserved as well … does it make any difference if I upgrade from GL local update or the update function in Luci or does it do the same thing?

root@GL-AR750S:~/.ssh# cat /etc/sysupgrade.conf

This file contains files and directories that should

be preserved during an upgrade.



@kyson-lok Does the GL ui use the sysupgrade.conf also?

flashing 0913->0914 with GL local update did not keep my configured files in sysupgrade.conf

flashing 0914->0915 with luci kept my files.

So there seem to be a problem with the GL implementation.

Yup, it should be work.

please test, did not work for me.