GL-AR750S: USB modem options?

I have a Quectel EP06A miniPCIe LTE modem. If I got one of these enclosures, would you expect I could use it with this router to get LTE connectivity?

In case it’s relevant, I have previously used the modem internally in another router with the Rooter OpenWRT fork, which worked.


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I think it works. But two things:

Does this one has a separate power? I am not sure if the router can power this up.

The modem driver may not be there and you need to install by yourself. It should be in the repo and not sure exactly which one but you can search.

Ok, great! Thanks for the heads-up about power. If I read the info correctly, it can provide separate power via the micro-USB port.

Yes, it has a micro power port but have you considered a USB Broadband dongle? I use one and it works well and reliably.

I’m not ruling anything out, but I haven’t seen one I like yet. I like the idea of being able to connect external antennas (including potentially yagis on a mast), because this is a for a mobile setup (in an RV). Also, I’m in the US, and a lot of stuff I find is for other markets. Which one do you use? Thanks.

Happy to report that the USB enclosure and modem mentioned above work nicely when using external power!

Could you please give the info about the speed via USB? Is USB fast? What maximal speed you could reach? I am going to have similar complex, but I am not sure about USB 2.0 speed in this device. USB speed in routers is often “restricted”…

@ginix, sorry about the late reply. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a good way to measure that so far. The LTE signal at my house is rather weak. My setup is for my RV, which is now in storage. I am using it for remote climate and security monitoring when parked, and of course, general internet access while traveling. Stability is a concern for me, but not so much raw throughput. I’m sure I’ll have a better idea once I’ve had a chance to use the setup in different area, but it’ll be a while.

If it’s the speed of the USB port itself you are interested in, maybe using a thumb drive to copy files would be a valid test? Do you have a router to try with? Otherwise I can try to remember next time I have a chance, but again, it might be a while.

@kodbuse, thank you for your suggestion. I believe, copy files from hard drive will be quite valid test for USB speed. I do not have GL router yet. I am searching a good router that works with high-speed LTE modem and has powerfull CPU for vpn coding. GL looks good but I am confused by GL USB 2.0 and would like to know it’s real USB speed. I am not in the hurry so could you please measure your router USB when you have a chance?