GL-AR750S Wired Bridge Mode?

I got the 750S to be a WireGuard server at home. I want to connect it to my existing wired network but want to continue to use my existing router as the main router and not have the 750S do any routing but still work as a WireGuard server for me to access my network when I travel.

Is there a way to set the 750S as a wired bridge mode and not DHCP, and only work as a WireGuard server access gateway?

Currently I can VPN successfully to the home server but no access to any of the other home network devices or NAS.

750S can work as wired bridge. You can choose advanced settings->network mode and set up as ap mode.

But I never test this mode as wireguard server. You may need to take care of port forwarding etc. Please check. I don’t think it is very complicated to setup.

I hope you don’t mind me resurrecting this thread but I have exactly the same issue. However, when I enable AP under Network Mode, the interface loses all of the many options like OpenVPN.

When working in bridge, OpenVPN etc doesn’t work. The function need routing and NAT.

Thanks. Can you advise if it’s possible to make other network devices accessible via the AR750 when it’s in router mode? For example I have a NAS connected to another router on the same subnet, but my laptop connected to AR750 can’t see it.

You don’t need set it to bridge mode. You just only need configure port forwarding to GL-AR750S.