GL-AR750S Wireguard issues

Bought the router primarily bc of its wireguard support, which I really appreciate.
However a couple of issues:

  1. When I connect to mullvad everythings fine. However when I connect to my home server I get a timeout message in the user interface. To get it working I need to reboot the router and then it connects to my wireguard server. The server is on a fast 250mbit line and works well from the android and linux clients. The only difference I can think of is that for my server I use DDNS while mullvad uses static ips.

  2. When I generated mullvad configurations from router my previously generated configs stopped to work. I had to regenerate existing configs using the routers private key to get it to work again. Not sure about mullvads setup but might need a field to input an existing private key to avoid this.

Is this the right place to report this kind of issues?


I am not sure about your firmware question.

About your second question, can you stop the wireguard client then modify the configurations? You have to generate the private key and public key using ssh. But I think if you can just remove the old configurations and use the router to connect to mullvad directly and generate the files, that will be much easier.

sorry, was unclear. The old configurations that I refer to was generated previously on the mullvad site and used in android and linux.
They worked fine until I generated configs on the router by selecting other tab and mullvad.
After that the previous android / linux configs stopped working.

I see. Because when you connect your router it replaced the public key in the server.

Pls check mullvad if they allow multiple device for a account. My understanding is that it is not working.