GL-AR750S wireguard no download and constant video buffer

GL-AR750S I’ve tried with mullvad I spun up my own linode server with wireguard and they all work fine on android client but on my slate I can’t even download a 20 mb file. It stalls out and fails. MOST websites will work but some just also stall out or never resolve at all.

I’ve done the mtu fix in the firmware and though on the surface it improved some things I still can’t watch a video or download a file at all. It’s very frustrating and just going to return product to Amazon without a way to make it work correctly.

Also openvpn works fine as it should on commercial vpns and my own servers so it’s definitely a problem with wireguard implementation here some way. I searched but couldn’t find any other fixes to try.

I found that in some cases mtu_fix was insufficient and I had to set the MTU on the interface explicitly to 1392 instead of Wireguard default of 1420. I never looked any deeper after getting it to work, but the behavior you are seeing is consistent with packet loss.

You may have to do this on both the server and the client.

How do I accomplish this on the slate side? I can figure out my vps part but not sure how to set the mtu on the interface to 1392.

Thank you very very much for the help

I have also found a problem with the slate router playing video or live IPTV on my Nvidia Shield! For me to be able to watch the live content I have to run 5G WiFi because if I switch the shield to hard wired it buffers and stops, but if I want to watch a movie on K*di the shield has to be switched to hard wired otherwise it buffers :sob:
This is crazy but no fix up to now!!!

Yeah me too too bad because wireguard works amazingly well on linux and android to the same servers to it’s definitely a slate issue. I’m boxing mine up now to return since it can’t do the one thing I wanted from it and I already have a previous iteration 750, shame.

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