GL-AR750S & WireGuard : Split VPN WiFi-1 direct connection, WiFi-2 WireGuard


how can I, with running WireGuard Client, create one WiFi SSID with VPN and another without, direct internet connection.

Is it possible in LUCI ui ?

I too have played with this. yes it can be done in luci interface but I’m not sure how much time you want to spend with it. for the pricepoint on an ar150 or others you would be better off just double nat another router. use a diffent wifi channel so there is no crossover and save lots of time and remove single points of failure. I have done things similar to this and for the time invested… not worth it. you may hate me for saying this or think about it and instead say “hey thank you” I went down this road completed it and then looked back at the better choice was this I would even say for the pricepoint…getting a top of the line gl-inet router is still a better solution then doing that. I can even take it one step further by saying setting the switch on the second one to connect to diffent vpns thats some time too… and I would still buy another router for that. lol unless you have time and it’s fun. I now have two ar150’s fyi :wink:


thanks for your message.

At first … you’re absolutely right! And the second … I had last night maybe 1 hour sleep (on my desktop :smiley: ), bacause I had to work on my server. And maybe you had such situation, so you can imagine that “easy thinking” wasn’t available.

I sat at LUCI and I just had the thought “I want it to work like I imagine”.

But, again, you’re right! So what are we talking about, the Mango V2 costs 22€ at Amazon and that’s it :smiley:

Btw.: The Convexa seems great for home use, but the Mango V2 is great just for VPN.

The Mango has ~ 520Mhz (?), the AR750S ~ 700 Mhz.
WireGuard client on my AR750S has a DL of 54 MBit/s (my uplink/ISP has 60 MBit/s) = really good.
So the Mango V2 should have somthing about ~ 40-45 MBit/s, thats enough.

Thanks for remembering not to waste my time and instead to find the solution of buying just an additional smal GL Box :wink:

Btw.: Thats crazy, I have (had in use) a Netgear R7000 with DD-WRT and OpenVPN (= ~ 30 MBit/s) :smiley:

Now this small GL box for some bux does the same, even faster VPN with WireGuard.

In our bleeding edge firmware we have guest wifi. You can set up vpn on your main wifi. Guest wifi will not have vpn by default.

So it will be just one click.

BTW: can I change your username to one readable? Password should not be used as username.