GL-AR750S won't connect to goodcloud at boot


I have a GL-AR750S running the latest firmware (openwrt-ar750s-4.3.11-0320-1710950296.img).

I noticed that it no longer shows as online in goodcloud when it’s booted. I think there might be a firmware issue. Does Anyone else have this kind of problem? I could get it to show up by disabling and re-enabling goodcloud using the webUI. But if I reboot again, it won’t come back online. Also tried resetting the router completely and unbinding, re-binding goodcloud etc.

Here is the goodcloud log:

Thu Apr 25 16:03:44 2024 daemon.debug eco: (gl-cloud:678) lua-eco version: 2.5.1
Thu Apr 25 16:03:44 2024 daemon.debug eco: (gl-cloud:232) fetch server from:
Thu Apr 25 16:03:44 2024 daemon.err eco: (gl-cloud: 28) /usr/local/lib/lua/5.3/eco/dns.lua:490: not found valid nameservers
Thu Apr 25 16:03:44 2024 procd: Instance gl-cloud::instance1 s in a crash loop 6 crashes, 0 seconds since last crash

This seems to be the issue.
What DNS servers do you use on your router?

Oh, yeah you’re totally right hahaha! I had the DNS servers set up incorrectly. Such a rookie mistake. Switching to cloudflare (; works but (; doesnt. Maybe they goodcloud or an API it uses is blocked by cloudflare’s free anti-malware DNS.

Thank you so much〜

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