GL ar750s

Hi, I am not very good with technical aspects of comptures
But I am wanting to by the GL AR 750s, What does this thing do other then sucure your network.
Does it have a VPN that can get by the firewall of China,
I am in China and need a vpn.

If I get this and has vpn how is it set up

Best to you all


Hello, I am Tim
Looking to understand the GL AR 750 router, I am in China at the moment, and as you know the firewall blocks sites.

  • Is the GL a VPN that gets past the firewall
  • Do I need a have access to a sever outside of China
  • Do I need to buy a full vpn service and add it
  • I just not sure how this is suppose to work
  • Or is this just a vpn that hides you
    I am not very technically inclined with computers so I just wanted know how this is supose to work.
    I really need a VPN that can cross the fire wall

Best regards


Sorry not for this purpose.