GL-ATX1800 goes offline when laptop connects to wifi

I have Slate AX and used to connect online by tethering an iPhone. All my connected clients in house are fine and connected, but when I connect my laptop or Mac, it goes offline right away. I noticed that if a VPN is on, than I can be connected with both and stay online, but why it does not work without VPN?

Pretty sure it is not the router but the iPhone.

  1. What is the Router firmware?
  2. iPhone model and firmware?
  3. Macbook model and firmware?
  1. 4.2.3 (release5), but same happens with beta update available.
  2. tried tethering with iPhone 7 and 2 different iPhone 11, always updated to newest firmware
  3. same happens with Mac (13.5.1) and PC Dell windows 11

Any idea?

Using random Mac address some how are using the same MAC address?

Low power mode? maximize compatibility needs to be enabled?

I would look through the list I posted.

I think it has something to do with the Apple OS built-in features to allow for easy communications between its devices.

I like the article. I’ll be more aware regarding points written there.
And regarding my work PC, it always connects with VPN, so maybe that also contributes to loosing internet somehow when trying to connect. I had Slate (1st edition) and I was tethering android phone, and I don’t remember any inconveniences as i have now with Apple ecosystem.
Moreover, I do test PuliAX, and that one goes off, completely off, after being connected through cellular.

How many devices are connected?

Up to 10 maybe: speakers, tv, mobils and comp.

Sorry to be dumb, when you said “goes off, and the other goes completely off” did you mean wifi disconnect off or power off and reboot?

If the device reboots then there’s a power issue. If the WiFi cuts out and kicks everything offline then it’ll be a configuration or hardware issue.

Nobody likes to have to reset hardware but it is honestly the best way to go when you can’t find the issue as it gives you a starting point.

I would do anything to get it work back to normal. What do you mean “to reset hardware”? I did firmware reset many times, and updated to different firmware (stable and betas). Always the same issue. SlateAX works normally when VPN is turned on, but when not, then it goes offline frequently, mostly when connecting laptop to wifi.
PuliAX has different issue, after some minutes, let’s say 30 minutes, the whole router turns off. Then it can’t be turned on for another 10+ minutes, sometimes not even after a couple of hours. I would agree it’s power issue, but it has battery also that should support it to work for up to 6+ hours. Il Log the following line repeats every 2 seconds: “kern.warn kernel: [ 1195.686517] 7981@C13L2,PeerAddBARspActionSanity() 248: ADDBA Resp Ba Policy[0] not support”. Can this info help to find solution, or at least a problem?

Here’s a better one for you… My brand new beryl AX has been faultless for days and all of a sudden last night it switched off and acted as though the emmc was corrupt by showing the flashing codes for a faulty unit. After 5 minutes it flashed again, went to white light and works perfectly normal.

But back to your problem… If the device CAN vpn out but cannot otherwise then I would be pointing fingers at a firewall somewhere. Use some network tools and see if you can spot where in the chain it is being terminated…

What is the the VPN provider and protocol?

If you are running a vpn on a laptop then connect to the router also running a VPN this can cause instability in the router VPN connection. Some services you can do this others don’t like it. I know for a fact that Nordvpn does not work.

That is a WiFi driver error? @alzhao

Interestingly enough, I do have stable internet connection when the router’s VPS is on, and my work laptop VPS is on, as always is. Then all works fine, connected to wifi and being online. I would expect 2 VPNs to mess up each other to some extend, but not in this case.
Additionally, I know this post regarding Log repeating line every 2 seconds, but there is no solution.

@shivadow can you recommend sone network tools to be used?

I was thinking to do Uboot, but Puli AX is not in the instructions list. I can follow instructions but I’m not and IT expert … should I try though?

When you did the upgrades to try to fix the problem did you keep settings? Its better to do a complete reinstall and setup or load a config file.

I think the pulli AX is so new a proper tutorial is not written yet I would hold off on the Uboot, or email GL.iNet staff for procedure (include the problem, firmware currently running and product model information.)

I never keep settings, since I like to use simple settings afterwards regarding wifi name/pass and goodCloud, but lately I don’t even change those settings any more.

I am in chat with GL over Discord, but activity there is slow. I’ll try emailing!

The problem is either the routers option to block non vpn traffic is enabled or the iPhone needs “maximum compatibility” enabled in the network settings. It has to be one of those 2.