GL-AX 1800 Flint Firmware 4.3.2 VPN Interface from left panel is missing

I am newbie to this router GL-AX1800 Flint , Base Firmware come with the router is v4.1.0 release 6 and there is VPN panel at interface . After I update by autoupdate to v4.2.3 and also 4.2.x the VPN panel is gone from the left side panel. How can I make that appear or install at those updated version of firmware. Thank you.

Wha… ? So you mean you can’t even access your VPN Dashboard? Weird but I’ll guess it’s something related to your browser & its caching. Try Incognito/Private Mode.

I had no issue going to 4.3.2 on my GL-ATX1800 Slate AX but I also keep all admin related in a Incognito browser.

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Here is open with FireFox Incognito.

Huh… no issue using LibreWolf (privacy hardened Firefox) 115.0.2-2 in Private Mode. The reboot button is @ the top, to the right. Can you try that & then a fresh Private Mode session?

I did try to reboot times , no changes. also tried to clear cache browser nothing. :frowning:

Okay, it’s a bit of a long shot but I’ve read reports Firefox doesn’t always ‘play nice’ w/ the GL GUI. Can you download a Chromium-based browser? I recommend Brave. Their Incognito mode might be more receptive.

I have brave also and this screenshot is taking with brave private windows. The thing is what is the meaing of CN after version, I do not have one with default version 4.1.0… and at middle the VPN icon is missing .

Wait; this is a CN device? Well, there’s the problem then:

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I bought it from third party shop, I need to recheck that but I don’t have that CN behind with factroy firmware version 4.1.0. do you think because of firmware?

I suspect that third party seller is sourcing them fr CN. You said you used the GL GUI → System → Upgrade process so that’s pulling the latest firmware directly fr GL. It seems the latest builds now check for device regionality to comply w/ the PRC mandate.

If you’re still in any sort of a return window period I’d be quite looking to send back the Flint & buy it directly from GL’s web shop or Amazon. I chose the latter source.

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