GL-AX 1800 Memory at 86% always

Hi mates

I have a Flint with memory at 85% always and I don’t know why.

I have the same thing activated as a friend, the wireguard server and adblock and he has memory at 63%.

Active connections are around 300 an the wifi is disabled.

The firmware is in the latest version.

Thanks in advance

SSH into the router and run:

opkg update && opkg install htop

then run htop and sort by PERCENT_MEM using F6
Something like this will appear:

Now you know what uses RAM.

But 85% for 300 connections is pretty OK, I would say. RAM is for using - unused RAM is useless RAM.


I’ll do when I get home, thanks.

So the memory ussage is because the connections, not the services running (wireguard, adblock, etc), isn’t it?

More connections = heavier usage of the services = more RAM needed.

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Done, thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Here they are come pics

I’ve noticed that you have much more memory, 988M and I have 393M. Why?


Because I am using a Flint2 :wink:

Do you know you could restart router and your ram will low deduction. I noticed your screenshot working for 13 days.

My router usually idle 50%. Sometime I check ram if over 50% then I do restart router.
Yes flint 2 :wink:

Same thing your smartphone to regular restart

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I’ve done a test.

No WiFi (as usual) and no RJ45, do nothing connected to the router.

Not released the memory and not released all the the active connections.

After restart, some memory has released.

Looks like the SO don’t release resources correctly, do it?

It wont. Just because the connections drop there won’t be an memory release.
Depends on each application. But as I said already: No need to worry.

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Thanks for the help mates :smiley: