GL-AX1800 (3.214) + AdGuard Home (0.107.19)


GL-AX1800 firmware: 3.214
AdGuard Home: v0.107.19

When AdGuard home is enabled, DNS resolution is dramatically slower and often fails. I’ve tried changing upstream DNS servers and disabling all filters but nothing seems to make a difference.

Any ideas for troubleshooting steps?

Can you try 4.1.0 firmware?

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I tried a local upgrade with the file:


And I get this error:

failed! ERROR: Incorrect firmware format!

The AXT1800 and AX1800 are different routers. Make sure you’ve got the correct firmware for the device you’re flashing (you don’t).

OK, I went to the product page:

And donwloaded:


This also gives me the error:

failed! ERROR: Incorrect firmware format!

You might try the uboot version if you’re having problems: