GL-AX1800 4.5.0 beta VPN Policies dropping randomly

As the title says, since upgrading the Flint to the 4.5.0 beta, my VPN policies are ignored after some time. If I open the policy settings and click “Apply”, then they start working again, but after a few hours, the policies are ignored and all devices are using the VPN.

4.5.0 is the first version that I’ve noticed this issue.
No settings have been changed since upgrading to 4.5.0.

I understand this is a beta, so I’m not necessarily expecting support, just noting the issue.


Thanks for your noting! We will test and follow up.

Thanks. Also thanks for a great product.

I think I’ll try a couple of things:

  1. Remove policies and re-add
  2. Factory reset and upgrade to 4.5.0

One question - Is there a way to drop back to 4.4.6 without factory reset and upgrading to 4.4.6?

You can download 4.4.6 on GL.iNet download center and make a local upgrade to 4.4.6 with turnning on “Keep Settings” , which will not reset to factory.

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I have reproduced the issue, but I am not sure we are in the same boat. You can try to run sed -i 's/iptables/iptables -w /g' /usr/bin/route_policy , reboot and check if evething is OK.Thanks a lot for your help again!

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I removed the policy, rebooted, then re-added them. It’s been about 24 hours now and policies are still working correctly. I’ll keep an eye on it.



After about two days, the policy stopped working Reverting to 4.4.6.

Could you help to run the commands below and send me tth results?Thanks!

cat /etc/config/vpnpolicy
ipset list
iptables -t mangle -nvL
ip rule

Unfortunately, I’ve already reverted to 4.4.6. I went ahead and ran the commands on 4.4.6 and pasted the results at the link below. In the coming days, I’ll upgrade to 4.5.0 and re-run the commands and reply with the results.

Thanks in advance! We have merged the modification of vpn policy to the newest 4.5.0 beta, which is released just now.GL.iNet download center

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Just upgraded. Will keep an eye out. Thanks!

Here are the result of the same commands run on the latest 4.5.0 update:

A big thanks for your help! There has no problem with the output log you provided.The modification of vpn policy has been merged to the lastest beta version GL.iNet download center is released on Oct 24th.We will keep testing and payattention to it.

Thanks! The issue has definitely been resolved since the latest 4.5.0 update.

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