GL-AX1800 as WIFI Client?

Hi there,

with LUCI i connected to neighbours router via wifi-client and 5GHz.
But in Glinet-webinterface i cant find this option to connect to. Or i cannot find?

WDS mode showing only 2,4Ghz neighbours wifi, and as i tried to connect, the router LAN disconnects (no ping). WIFI still visible but neither connectable.

update: after resetting firmware (in a correct way) i tried wifi client again via LUCI, but it is not connecting, neither 5GHz nor 2,4GHz.

Whats up there? I use wifi client mode with my “old fashioned” WDR4300 with openwrt 19, it works stable since years! In the first place I am quite annoyed…

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It should show all reachable WiFis which use compatible frequencies, encryption and channels.
Bear in mind that modern devices can hide specific SSIDs for load balancing reasons.

As I said in another thread already: It’s quite dangerous to use the native GUI and luci for the same stuff.

Do you use 4.x firmware? There may be some compatible issues if you use WDS mode.
By the way, ax1800 doesn’t support the DFS channel.