GL-AX1800 Beta: Strange “bleeding” effect?

When setting my Deco X60 system to AP mode, it overwrites the GL-AX1800 (flint) DHCP server.

It’s quite odd.

For example:

Flint has Router IP When connecting the Deco X60 is access point, that changes to This is a non accessible IP. It simply doesn’t exist, can not be pinged nor accessed in web.

I have to manually set the router IP on my client device to to be able to access the GL router panel.

When in the GL router panel, in the clients section, it will show some strange results. IP addresses assigned starting from, instead of (See photo’s below).

I am at a complete loss here, no clue what this is.

Currently running firmware V4.beta2, Though this has also happened before on V3.214.

I hope someone can help me out here, I am very confused😄

I should add. I have tried setting a static IP.

The Deco completely ignores it and just overwrites GL’s DHCP server.

I am only able to access the GL panel by setting every IP manually on the client device (in this case, my iPhone)

It appears it doesn’t even get a DHCP lease assigned.

Any help here would be welcome😅

You set the Deco in AP mode and connect to Ax1800, right?

Then it seems a problem of Deco, right? In AP mode it should just disable its own DHCP server.

That’s what I thought too, however all client devices show up in the Flint.

The Deco seems to assign non existing addresses.

The Deco hasn’t had an update released in over a year now, and this suddenly started happening, the only thing updated was the Flint🤷‍♂️

I posted the same issue on the Deco forum, hopefully we’ll figure out what’s causing this and how we can fix it😅


It indeed appears to be a problem on Deco’s side.

I found this article in “related issues” after posting there. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @alzhao :pray:

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