GL-AX1800-dea - AdGuard Home v0.107.13

GL-AX1800-dea - AdGuard Home v0.107.13 is showing as availbe to install on the top bar of the page.
Im on version 3.214 and get an error trying to upgrade, has Anyone been able to to install this version?

What is the error message?

Have you upgraded AdGuard Home before?

Yes it was upgraded in recent weeks, it says a red message at bottom of screen ‘auto update failed, please follow these steps to update manually.
I did try follow a guide previously mentioned on forums of using using WinSCP however that failed and I ended up deleting and reinstalling 0.107.5 from plugins and copying my settings back in to the folder

Adguard Home save a backup when upgrading, and the backup file may cause a shortage of space.
You can use rm -r /etc/AdGuardHome/agh-backup/ to remove the backup file.

Deleting contents of the backup fixes the issue.
The router its self was okay for space, but didnt like the backup file contents being there.
All updated now, thank you.