[GL-AX1800 FLINT 3.213] Data Blocked even though Port Forwarding Enabled

I don’t what is blocking my communication on open ports :frowning:

I’ve changed default router ip address and opened some ports on port forwarding page. Pinging my external SSL domain gets response from router ip but when i open home page of that device, nothing happens (ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT)


Can you post a screenshot of your Port Forwards page setup?

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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I found the problem :frowning:
only 1 ip address can use 1 port number :frowning:

2 different ip addresses CANNOT use same opened port :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

This is disgusting! I want one device to use port 443 and another device to also use port 443 but router won’t allow both :frowning:

edit: My old router allowed me to set port forwarding for one device and for another device, i put it on DMZ list (which worked) but here, I can put either port forward rule for 1 device OR use DMZ (otherwise go to LuCi [aka hell])

One port can only be used for one IP.

But UDP and TCP port can be separated.

I don’t know you set up in your old router. But if you forward 443 to two IP, how does that work?

It was dLink router and it allowed me to set port forwarding rules for my first device then,… for my NAS, there were issues so I put NAS IP address on DMZ list and from there both devices were working fine

Maybe DLINK guys allowed both DMZ and port forwarding :thinking:

Edit: I’m point you to another brand’s forum where user had similar issue and he asked whether he can use DMZ and port forwarding together. In his response, he got a YES (but that’s not the case with gl-inet )

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I understood that you said “port forward” and “dmz” can be used at the same time.

Maybe “port forward” has more priority than dmz.