GL-AX1800 Flint - 4.2 - Constantly crashing

I configured my GL-AX1800 Flint the same way as I did with version 3.2 but my device is randomly crashing.

With version 3.2 I could have an uptime of almost a month, but with version 4.2 I can be happy, if it reaches

a full day. This is extremely annoying. My bootloader is also up to date.

What could cause these crashes? How can I log them?

Is there any content in the Logs page?

Pls send details of your config and pls export and send the log.

I have a similar issue in another thread:



There is unfortunately no Crash log. At the moment I didn’t have any crashes for more than 8 days, which is a new record. I will monitor it further.

I’m still having reboot.

I had another reboot, and the system upload bearly arrived to 3 days.
I just run the reset of the firmware, and recover all the info with a backup (just specify, because I think that the backup only contain name and password, and not installed package for example).
I bought this router more than one month ago in amazon, but I’m thinking to ask for a replace.
if Someone from Gl.Inet can give me other info I will be happy.
Just to recap, I already:

  1. I moved the modem to a different energy socket;
  2. Just reset the firmware and I will keep an eye;
  3. no logs anywhere about this reboot;Thanks.

UPDATE: after the refresh of the firmware I had the first unexpected reboot in less than 15 minutes…

If power and cooling is not the issue, you can ask customer service to get a replacement.

Hi Thanks, I asked for a replacement.

I have actually 2x the GL-AX1800. Both show the same crashing symptoms with Firmware 4.2.1.

My current configuration:

VPN connection to Mullvad

Public WiFi with static channels

Some firewall rules to prevent accessing the WebUI from the WiFi.

@alzhao Do you need the config file exported by OpenWRT?

Sorry for missing this. Still able to provide config?

Yes, I will send you a link by PM when I’m home. The config contains a wireguard VPN connection. Do you need a functional one?