GL-AX1800 Flint Adguard and VPN issue

Ok I am getting used to my new Flint router. Love this thing but found 2 small issues…

My firmware is 3.208

Seems that all my streaming services work fine… Nextflix, Apple, Pluto… However HBOmax took a dump. I after troubleshooting I found out its actually Adguard that is causing it. I have updated Adguard but am only seeing 0.106.3-1. I saw on the forun that Adguard is now .107. Dont know how to force this.
Also I did read something about Google Click being the cause of the HBO. Is there something
I can whitelist to make it work?

Also the VPN is blocking my backup notification from Acronis. When my laptop is finished backing up it sends me an email out through my gmail SMTP. When the VPN is enabled It fails. Again, is there something I can whitelist here?

Oh, one more thing. Whenever I access my gmail from the desktop it keeps asking me to Verify its me… I need to open gmail on my phone and ok it and enter the number. Super annoying since my phone attached to the same wifi does not have this issue… If I disable VPN it works again.

Thanks in advance… you guys are amazing on this this site :slight_smile:

Regarding the gmail issue, Google and other companies (e.g., banks, government) have implemented extra layers of security, given escalating Cyber hacks/attacks. Such mechanisms include detecting unusual behaviour such as your IP address, location, proxy, etc. that are not normally expected, in which case, they send you an email or SMS for you to authenticate yourself.

This is similar to 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) which always requires 2nd authentication, but some companies have “smarter” mechanisms for detecting unusual behaviour and only require 2nd authentication when appropriate. Some websites leave cookies in your browser that confirm that it is your computer. Some companies can be “trained” on IPs, location, etc. after you have logged in and been authenticated a number of times.

In GL.iNet → VPN Policies, you can add a rule for your computer to bypass going through the VPN. However, it is not very granular, so all traffic from your computer will bypass going through the VPN, not just gmail traffic. I have not investigated whether LuCI UI is more granular to add only specific ports (e,g., SMTP) to bypass VPN.

LuCI has a package “luci-app-vpnbypass” that appears to have more granularity for bypassing VPN:

Add vpn policy not use gmail (maybe as well as other google service) not using vpn.

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I just noticed that GL.iNet VPN policies can be by Domain/IP, so can bypass for