GL-AX1800 (Flint) bricked on power-on

My GL-AX1800 (Flint) has unexpectedly lost everything / bricked after simple a cold restart (power-on). Was running current stable version.
Only way to sort it was to use uBoot to debrick it and reload firmware.
It has not been a smoothness experience with it, and the OpenWRT release used really does not help either.

You can use the 3.214 beta GL.iNet download center

It fixed some bugs.

We are working on OpenWrt2102 on AX1800 and still need some time before release.


Thx for the prompt feedback.
For the issue I faced where the whole firmware disappeared, could it be then a firmware issue with corrupted data due to power disconnection therefore resulting boot failure, or actually more of a hardware issue ?
Have you effectively seen this problem, hence the new beta ?

The new beta fixed some crash issues actually.

But I am not sure about your issue. When this happens, ssh to the router and get the log. The log may contains some useful info.