GL-AX1800 Flint - firmware 3.212 - Can’t connect to Mullvad VPN

After upgrading from firmware 3.208 to 3.212, Mullvad VPN can’t connect.

I have deleted the old Mullvad setup and run a new setup.

When I logon to Mullvad “Manage ports and WireGuard keys”, I can see a new key is created, but the Mullvad setup is not created in the AX1800 Flint.

The WireGuard Client looks like I haven’t created a new setup.

I can confirm this aswell, the auto wizard for mullvad doesn’t seem to download all the servers anymore, it gives me a notification that it can take a long time to download and then it disappears but no servers have been saved, and aswell when I look into my mullvad website I see keys generated aswell.

I verified and the problem does exist.

Will withdraw the firmware and fix asap.

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I was about to upgrade my firmware and checked here first… I am using NordVPN. Will I have any issues with this? Or should I wait for the fixed firmware?

for me the vpn itself works fine I guess, but you have to manual add them for mullvad with firmware version 3.212 for flint.

Yeah WireGuard works fine on its own, the issue OP is referring to is the auto-populate feature for Mullvad.