GL-AX1800 Flint Network Storage and 2.4G wifi


I want to use the Network Storage feature. I bought SATA SSD and a case for it and connected this SSD to a USB port.
It works. I can see my 2TB drive. Samba works.

But there is a problem. After a few minutes, the 2.4G access point disappears. No changes in the admin panel. It still shows that 2.4G is online.

Right after I disconnect the SSD from the router 2.4G access point appears and I can use it again.

Is this expected?

I don’t have this issue when I use a Samsung bar plus 128gb flash drive.

SSD rated: DC + 5V 1A

Is this a power issue?

I think it is caused by mutual interference between USB3.0 and 2.4g wifi. There is no good solution.

Maybe it is a USB 3.0 issue but the flash drive is also USB 3.0 and I use USB 2.0 extender to avoid this issue.

I still think it is a power issue. Luckily, I have a UPS for the router and UPS has USB ports.
So, I bought a USB splitter like this one.

Now it works.

I don’t know if it is helped or it is something else but it is what I did.

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