GL-AX1800 Flint New Firmware Version: 4.1.0 release6

Just upgraded to the firmware so far so good, is there a kill switch for the VPN also noted the local hosts in AdGuard still don’t show the correct local IP adddress.

  • Kill Switch has been renamed to Block Non-VPN Traffic in reference to the official WireGuard client. It is in the global options of the VPN Dashboard.
  • Needs to use ADGuard Home’s DHCP to display the client address. Currently the default configuration is to use the router’s DHCP. If you are familiar with ADGuard Home and LuCI, you can set it up.

Thanks for the reply is the default DHCP always going to remain AdGuard

There are 2 methods to show local IP addresses in AdGuardHome in this thread:

However, VPN policies will not work with either method when dnsmasq is not used.

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Thanks that’s worth knowing as it isn’t that important, the VPN policies are important so I will leave well alone.
Thank you for that