GL-AX1800 flint notification?

I wanted to ask if there is a way in the router (GL-AX1800 Flint) to send a notification, e.g. Telegram, e-mail about an interrupted vpn connection?
Thank you I hope you can help me.

This feature is not currently supported. I have fed back to our firmware feature designer.

The router is integrated with a tool for sending mail: ‘ssmtp’. You can use this tool to send emails


I looked for this tool under applications and saw that it was installed. Unfortunately I can’t find where I can call up and configure this tool (ssmtp). Can you please help me ? I’ve only had the router a day.
Thanks very much

I’ve used ssmtp on Linux servers in the past. It’s a good tool that does that one task well.

This is a touch of an advanced setup your seeking. You’re going to need some foundational skills to get there, my guy. See the attached link. It might seem off topic but it’ll introduce you to a practical way of getting those skills… & help you have a backup to recover from should it break something:

You can refer this linking:

ssmtp :

SSL support, smarthost only, SMTP auth. No longer available since OpenWRT 21

It looks like it’ll have to be msmtp, then.