GL-AX1800 (Flint) - Possibly Dead, not broadcasting SSIDs

So it was working fine, but now it won’t broadcast SSIDs, and I can’t reset it to defaults. Once before it didn’t broadcast SSIDs, but I just power cycled it, and it was fine. Now a power cycle doesn’t help, and I can’t reset either (followed the reset instructions Repair or Reset - GL.iNet Docs ( ). Right now I have my travel router (MT1300 - Beryl) serving as my router until I can figure out what’s going on.

As you said in another post that you used adguard home, it seems that adguard home’s log make the flash full so that the config cannot be mounted. So the router revert to default state.

When this happens, you can still reset the router after the router reboot. Use a pin to press the reset button for 10 seconds (you will observe LED flashing) and release the pin. After the router reset, use your smartphone app or cable to config the router again.