GL-AX1800 Flint Wi-Fi coverage and throughput

Hi everyone,

I’d like to know if anyone has tested the GL-AX1800 Wi-Fi signal for range and data throughput and if there are any official numbers around these two metrics. I understand Wi-Fi is very subject and dependent on location, I’m keen to understand the Wi-Fi performance of the GL-AX1800.



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My fibre internet is 300mbps down 50mbps up

5Gax 80mhz width
2Gax 20mhz width

Flint is placed at first floor in room with windows

Within 8m radius can get max performance near 300mbps down 50mbps up on 5G, 2G max is around 100mbps down

Beyond say 10m radius max speed drop drastically and ping time goes up

Speed at ground floor directly below the router room also drop quite a bit, maybe due to obstacles or orientation of antenna

2G ax can go as far as 12m radius but the speed is about 20-30mbps down 10-15mbps up with high ping


Speed is also very dependant on client WiFi chipset and implementation quality

with the new beta firmware, the wifi driver is open source and for this reason the wifi coverage decreases a little but in my opinion not too much, and is reasonable price to pay because the new 4.0 firmware has much more features than the 3.x firmware =)

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