GL-AX1800 (Flint)

Purchased in Jan of this year, love the router. Has a few hiccups here and there, but one that is beginning to be annoying is the software. I have my Eeros setup connected to the AX 1800 and use the Eero as my wi-fi setup, while the AX 1800 wi-fi is disabled.

I have 5 different WireGuard Clients, so sometimes I’ll switch between clients. The issue is after a few 2 or more switches, I have to reboot the AX 1800, because it will eventually just stop working and I’ll loose all internet connections that are connected to my eeros setup.

Same issue will happen if I’m OpenVPN client too, switch more than twice and this just kills my eero’s wi-fi connection.

I’m not using either in Bridge mode or any other modes. Just run the LAN port of the AX 1800 to the eero. Eeros has 2 LAN ports, no WAN. Any help will be appreciated.

The eero is in bridge mode, right?

AX1800 Wireguard should have a bug. Will fix asap!

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No neither the eero or AX 1800 is in a bridge mode or any other mode. Reason for not putting the eero in bridge mode is that you loose certain functionalities once you do that. That is also the reason I haven’t put the AX 1800 in access mode or any other mode, I won’t be able to change servers, etc.


I have one question. How eeror differenciate wan and lan?

Let me explain that better, they have 2 ports that are Wan/Lan port. It’s not designated as one or another. My bad.

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Still having basically the same issue, won’t even let me switch profiles from one to another. Rebooted the router, etc. Will not connect to the new client I want to switch to from a different VPN provider, which awhile ago when I started this thread it did.

Pls hold on. Will release firmware in a few days.

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Hi smooth , with only wireguard client setup, will switching the clients cause the issue?
What’s your vpn service provider?
Could you send a configruation backup to
It can be downloaded at luci page - - Generate archive.