GL-AX1800 issue


I received my GL-AX1800 from Amazon Germany today and was very happy. The anticipation was great, because I already have several GL-Inet products and was very satisfied until now. Unfortunately, I had bad luck with this router. Already during the setup I noticed a very high unpleasant beeping. The beeping can be heard throughout the room and is very annoying. It comes directly from the router and not from the power supply. The noise is permanent and starts a few seconds after the router has started. Has anyone experienced this as well?

Dear Lukxtr,

This is Nicholas from GL.iNet Customer Service Team. We deeply sorry for this issue. Our technical team has checked, and confirmed that only a small portion of AX1800 has beeping issue. Most of them work really well, and have great performance. For apology, we would love to send you a whole new AX1800 router for free. We hope you can have a second try and enjoy our new product. Please kindly contact and send us your shipping address.


Dear Nicholas,

Thank you very much for your reply and for checking the issue. Gladly I contacted the cs colleagues by email and Iā€™m looking forward to receiving the new router.
I am sure I will enjoy it.
Thank you an best regards,


Dear Nicholas,
I received the new router last week.
This router has no more beeping, a convincing permormance and an excellent VPN speed.
Exactly what I expected and need, so I can highly recommend this great product. The next fireware updates will certainly help this product to keep or even increase its performance.
Thanks to GL-Inet team for the great customer service.

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