GL-AX1800 issues

It was used as an Access Point.

  1. Compared with ASUS RT-AX3000, WIFI performance is rather slow. I used SpeedTest App on iPAD and the difference is huge (~400Mbps vs ~100Mbps).

  2. I can’t do mac address blocking on using Luci interface for WIFI devices.

  3. IP address for the WIFI clients were not in the GUI or Luci interace. They were showed as ?. Also, WiFi devices using 5Ghz were unable to display at all.

Please fix the product.

For issue one, pls confirm if it works on 2.4G? You can change 2.4G and 5G SSID to different and check.

2 and 3 are Luci problems and we will not fix. The wifi clients should be in the default UI.

  1. 2.4G WiFi gave ~70Mbps while 5G WiFi gave ~400Mbps.
  2. Noted
  3. GUI shows wired clients not WiFi clients

Maybe need to upgrade firmware. Are you using 3.208?

Yes, I am using the latest firmware 3.208