GL-AX1800 keep on consistently broken OpenVPN

A bit annoying that your GL-AX1800 keep on disconnected the OpenVPN config after connecting. Its broken after few hours after connecting. Why the connection is unstable for OpenVPN?

Can you give more details?

Which vpn service provider? Is there any keepalive settings in the ovpn?

Nordvpn. Setting everything ok

Nord does not have keepalive in the opvn. Can you add manually?


This is a reason keep disconnected after connecting few hours or a day.

Very lousy la bro the router like that make people hassle and not convenience at all the time for checking

I have trying surfshark as same problem for config openvpn file, even GL-MT1300

Why not add this 2 vpn providers Nord and Surfshark as well for wireguard into smartphone app as much more easy-to-use.

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Just click and go no need manually config. Add more vpn provider on wireguard smartphone app instead manually config.

And one more thing that GL-AX1800, if got upgrade software version need to setting up the router again as the wifi is not default anymore.

Not stable the connection for manually config openvpn file in the router as often error and disconnected or broken.

Seems this is a real problem for Nord.

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@alzhao agreed. Nord is kicking back bad auth, not a router issue.