GL-AX1800 losing internet connection

I use to have my ISP line plugged directly into the [GL-AXT1800] router, using WireGuard and it was great, but over the last few days I’ve noticed that I had to reboot the router because it would loose internet connection.
My setup is the router in cable mode (Wi-Fi signal off) because all of my wireless connection are handled by my Eero setup. There were no conflicts, with assigning IP’s that I noticed, because that was being handled by the Eero. ISP line is directly connected to the wan port and the Eero as well as my computer are connected to the lan ports of the router.
Any suggestions and feedback will be deeply appreciated.

You mean AX1800 Flint, right?

Are you using firmware 3.208?

Since yesterday, I have now put back my ISP modem and now connect it from the Lan to the Wan of the Flint router. Haven’t noticed the intermittent lose of the internet as I was with my original setup.

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Figured out why I was having issues, running WireGuard protocol on the AX1800. Trust me I had this same issue when I initially set up my AX1800, but overtime the loss of connectivity was happening more frequently. Even though a simple router reboot resolved the issue, it was only a matter of time before I had to repeat this process.

It wasn’t a hardware issue, wasn’t my ISP. While using the WireGuard protocol, I didn’t configure it properly for my tunnel with my VPN provider. I had a suspicion that it was with my private IP and my WireGuard configuration, so I sent them an email and ask 1 simple question.

In my profile for my private IP it was setup for Open VPN configuration, not for WireGuard. So once I made that tiny correction. It’s been over 16 hours and I haven’t had anymore issues with connectivity and my speeds overall improved.

So keep in mind if your VPN provider is like mines with the options to configure your own private IP, make sure it’s configured proper protocol that you plan on using on the AX1800. So I am very pleased by the performance I’m getting. I don’t use this router with the WI-FI, I use my Eero Pro 6 setup for that which is also Wi-FI 6 compatible too.

My VPN provider is TorGuard and they rock, I know a few others also use WireGuard technology with their products, but if you can’t acquire a private IP to go along with it, your access to Hulu or even HBO Max, with their canned IP’s you still may not have access to these sites.

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Pro Tip: You need to connect using the correct Tunneltype, Port/Auth and Protocol as shown in the below table (also mentioned in your activation email) for IP’s to work.

That statement, that I overlooked so many times in the past. Was my issue.

Do you mean a TorGuard dedicated IP, instead of private IP?

So this is your great contribution to my thread? Offered ‘ZERO’ solutions, but want to split hairs on my usage between “dedicated” and “private”?

Ignored everything else I mentioned in this thread, but if you really think about it; the word dedicated, without specifically mentioning it in definition can also mean private.

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