GL-AX1800 LUCI and GLinet firmware

Hi there,

If I make settings in LUCI and then switch to the GLinet web interface, LUCI “forgets” the settings. In my case: I connect to a hotspot (neighbour, 5GHz) and create a wifi that makes the hotspot available to me. When I switch to the standard interface and come back, the settings are gone.

Just unpacked the router yesterday, latest firmware is running

thanks in advance!


Moin :wave:

I would say this is some kind of normal. The GLinet web interface works like a bunch of scripts making it easier to set up WRT things - as soon as you use it, it will simply replace the WRT configs, that’s why luci (which works “low level” on those files) won’t remember anymore.

I would recommend using GLinet first and then, if you need special settings, go over to luci and change them there. Or use luci only. Or just use the GLinet web interface since it allows nearly all stuff you might need.

Maybe click “save and apply” rather than “save”. Save is for remembering stuff so you can switch pages and change other settings… Then you must ALWAYS click Save and Apply to apply those changes in all those pages…