GL-ax1800 optimal setup


I have an ADSL Orange line and my GL-AX1800 in DMZ behind the modem.
AX1800 is my DHCP server, Wireguard client (access from outside) PIA VPN server (some clients on my network) and, last but not least, AGH adblock with DNS over TLS.

This is working like a charm when there are no problems. Most of the time.
Sometimes AGH fills up memory and I need to delete the querylog.json.

I have the following questions:

  1. is it better to install AGH in a docker/Raspberry separated from the router?
  2. Expand router’s memory using an USB stick and install AGH on the extended memory?
  3. When AGH is installed on ext. Memory, what possibilities do I have to use my smartphone as a tethering device? Because the ADSL line (hopefully soon fibre) is not that stable. Ethernet or WiFi tethering?

It would be nice when switching from WAN to tethering would be relatively simple and fast.

Thank you for your suggestions and solutions.

Have a nice weekend,


PS: suggestion: 1) Expand memory in the AX1800/2
2) multiple USB ports
3) micro Sdcard slot for backup/ext. Memory