GL-ax1800 packets lost


I’ve noticed a problem with my new GL-AX1800 router.

Internet seems to work fine but i do lose packets. For instance, teamviewer when helping a friend, drops the connection. Signal client on Linux, often sends a notification that is has no connection and my webcam doesn’t stay online either

First, my configuration:

ADSL connection max 10Mbps with livebox modem

Connected to GL-AX1800, with 1 meter utp cable.

Glinet v4.2.0

Openwrt21.01-snapshot r16399+159

Kernel 4.4.60

GL-AX1800 is in DMZ on the Livebox.

Installed on router: Adguardhome v0.107.29 as DNS resolver

Wireguard VPN server

PIA VPN client for several devices selected on MAC address.

I connected a Windows laptop directly to the port (using a cat6 cable) on the Livebox modem en executed a test using the site “

The results are shown in the first picture.

Then I connected the same laptop to a port on the GL-AX1800 and executed the test again.

These results are shown in the second picture.

During both tests, there was no or little traffic from other devices on my network.

Can someone help me why the traffic is dropped so much when it passes through the GL-AX1800 router?

Thank you very much,


Are these services enabled?

Also, I recommend turning off mwan functionality for each interface first.

Hello Luochongjun,

thank you for your quick reply.

YES, these services are all enabled. On my network I use some devices behind the PIA VPN client and the VPN server is ofcourse, to access my servers from outside.
I disabled the option you said but there was just a little difference. See picture.
Still lots of dropouts.,

Greetings Tom

Which MTU did you set for your ADSL connection? If you use PPPoE it should be 1492.

Can you post some WinMTR results?


yesterday i resetted the GL-ax1800 completely and started from scratch.
0) updated FW to 4.2.1

  1. set static ipaddress on wan (in DMZ)
  2. enabled all wifi SSID
  3. installed PIA WG client for several devices based on MAC address.
  4. installed AGH with DNS over HTTPS

Now, the testresults seems to be stable and my webcam stays online too.
I need to install the WG server on the router but that is not that urgent.

When I installed everything, I’ll post the results.

Thank you all for helping,

Greetz Tom