GL-AX1800 Random IoT continually bounce online then offline

Currently using GL-AX1800 on 4.2.0. I run a smart home with around 75+ish devices connected to the network. When I monitor the clients list I’ll see anywhere from 1-4 devices randomly moving between the online-client list and the offline list. If I reboot the router sometimes none will bounce but usually a few are and it’s not always the same devices.

Could it be a misreads or are they actually continuously bouncing on and off? I have a powerful antenna router lower in the network that’s hard wired to the AX1800 that only handles the wireless network cams, I’ve never noticed something similar to this before with it or other routers, not necessarily bad just somewhat annoying.

same here… couldn’t find an explanation yet

That sounds like a misinterpretation.
For clients that are not connected directly to the device via Wi-Fi, the router will determine if it is online by whether there is traffic for a period of time and whether it can ping.

I made a short video of whats happening and uploaded it to Imgur. Occasionally I’ll see the IoT device that’s bouncing on and off network with the status light flashing in various areas within the house (signaling it’s not connected) for a few seconds before reconnecting and repeating the cycle. Sometimes when they bounce to the offline section the device doesn’t realize it’s “offline” before it reconnects.