GL-AX1800 Repeater access to local network

I have a GL-AX1800 getting internet via repeater from my phone’s hotspot.

However I’d like my phone to also be able to access to my home network.

Before you suggest switching to Extender mode, I’d loose access to the admin panel and all it’s features. Is there a way to do this while still keeping the GL-AX1800 in Router mode?
If it helps my phone is a poco f4 gt, it allows me to have hotspot on and be connected to the GL-AX1800’s wifi network as a client, it’s just that when i do this the GL-AX1800 doesn’t have access to the internet (don’t know why).

Any suggestions?

Software/Firmware Version:
Openwrt Version: OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT r16399+159-c67509efd7
Kernel Version: 4.4.60

Also I should mention that i tried ZeroTier and OpenVPN to no avail.

When phone is a client it’s no longer a hotspot for it’s internet to be used. Using a VPN like ZeroTier or Tailscale to connect back to your local network would have been my suggestion.

Thank you for your answer but as i already mentioned i tried ZeroTier without success. I’ll try Tailscale as well

For anywone facing the same or a similar issue…
Tailscale was the key.