GL-AX1800 slow internet speed

I need a little help

I recently upgraded my broadband package to 900 MBPS from 150 MBPS.

If I plug my PC directy into the ONT I get 900 MBPS

However when I connect via my GL-AX1800 Flint router my speed is limited to around 150MBS its as though the router doesnt recoginse that things have changed, I have rebooted the router.

Any suggestions as to what, within my router, is limiting the speed

Some information
I have a NordVPN configured on the router.
I have adguard configured on the router, I turned this off and ran the speed test and my speed was still limited to 150MBS.

There are no switches in the network, I have been caught out with that before.

I tried the router supplied by my ISP and that gave me my full 900 MBPS at my PC so its definatly somthing within the GL-AX1800 Flint router or the VPN server its connected to!

I would be grateful for any assitance

NordVPN only uses Openvpn for routers not Nordlynx protocal, with a max speed of 150+Mbps. Their is a way to extract the Key file using a virtual machine or linux system to set up and use Nordlynx.

Thank you I did wonder if it was something like that, I will contact Nord for further information.

Nord does not support Wireguard Nordlynx for routers, You need to set up a virtual machine or use a linux computer to get the private keys for the server then you can create a manual profile for wireguard.