GL-AX1800 supports link aggregation?

Will this router allow for link aggregation? What I am looking to do is have my device connected via WiFi and direct wire for the purpose of redundancy should one of the connections drop out.

Possible with this router?

Link Aggregation… No. MULTIWAN yes.

It does either fallback, where if one wan dies it swaps to another, or Load balance where you can tell it to use one wan or the other based on how many connections are going out.

Link aggregation (LAG) is pulling data from 2 connections at the same time OVER ETHERNET. So that means you need a main modem/router from your provider that supports it AND your router (in your case the flint ax1800) must be compatible. As far as I know LAG is NOT available on the AX1800 but that said I haven’t tried because I don’t have a LAG capable main.


It has kmod-bonding installed and you can install mii-tool, luci-proto-bonding

This is promising:

Those are just explaining the multiwan features of today’s firmwares in different terminology of the days gone by…

Old posts that no longer have any relevance for newer devices.