GL-AX1800 webserver and Port Forwarding with IPv6.

I am trying to set up my webserver using ipv6 but I am failing to configure the router correctly.
I know that ipv4 has port forwarding to allow for outside traffic, but does to no being able to get a static ipv4 I was trying to us my static ipv6. My problem is that there are no settings for port forwarding for ipv6 in the firewall setting or the router.

Here are my ipv6 settings:

I'm still learning how to use IPv6 myself, Have you tried Native mode? Frequently the ISP assigned prefix is used with Native mode to give IP addresses, and it should be possible to use these assigned addresses, as long as the firewall is configured to permit access.

As steep01 said, that is right, because router DHCP IPv6 can relay from ISP, so all of your IPv6 devices can obtain the ISP assigned prefix addresses + router auto generate suffix, and they would not need to port forward, as the IPv6 network of all devices are already in public Internet.