GL-AX1800 went bang

Hi All,

So I got a GL-AX1800 today and had it plugged in on the desk in front of me and it was working fine, then it went bang (suspiciously sounded like a capacitor exploding) and followed up with the wonderful smell of a silicon bbq.

Anyway, the router rebooted and came back online and appears fully functional so im keen to pull it apart and see what component just exploded but I cant find anyone who’s dismantled one (which is actually somewhat rare for gl.inet routers). I assume the screw’s are under the feet, but can anyone confirm before I tear the feet out?

Two screws under the feet, then using a plastic pry tool go around the edge slowly as not to break the clips.

It would be better just to return the router and get a replacement. If you open up the case, the warranty may be voided.


Well, I managed to get it apart and sure enough, 2 of the caps near the power input have gone bang:

Not too worried about the warranty being voided as the router is otherwise performing fine.

When I was previously working in I.T. management, certain Dell laptops had capacitors fail frequently on the motherboard, which eventually caused the whole laptop to fail. My team had the motherboards replaced under warranty (with different capacitors) that saved my company $$$.

Even if device still works now with failed capacitors, it does not mean it will last as long as expected … to each their own, I guess.

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Is it still working? Maybe just get a replacement.

Just want to confirm that you use the orignal power adapter?